WordCamp Pune for the community!

Our sponsors, notably JetPack, WP All Import, ZNetLive, SaniSoft and BlogBrandz have asked us to donate all their free tickets to someone who deserved and could use it better. Others have given away at least some of their tickets and some haven’t claimed them yet. These would also go in the charity pool.

In addition, speakers like Mahangu, Andy, Jeremy and Jitesh have given away their tickets, choosing to buy one instead. In total, we have about 25 tickets. We decided to add another 25 to it and give away 50 free tickets to youth who come from economically disadvantaged families.

We got in touch with ‘Swa’–Roop Wardhinee which is one of the leading non-governmental, non-profit organisations working with underprivileged college students, children and women and help them with their education, self-help and skills and vocation based training.


We’re glad to announce that thanks to our sponsors for funding us well and everyone who gave away their tickets so that students from ‘Swa’–Roop Wardhini can get introduced to the world of Blogging and Open Source in general and WordPress, specifically. It could have been just a little difficult for them to spend the ticket cost of WordCamp Pune 2015!

The next time, we’ll make this 10% share larger than it is. Promise!