This Panel of Experts will Show the Way to a Career in WordPress Development & Support


Do you know how you can build a highly successful and lucrative career building and supporting WordPress and it’s plugins and themes besides building websites with it? Do you wish that an expert guided you to a great career in development and support? Then you would be at the right place at WordCamp Pune. We have six experts from around the country and the world in a Panel Discussion on Careers in Support and Development with WordPress!

Expect a breadth and depth of information, knowledge and advice. Ask your questions and raise your concerns. Our expert panel will get you the insight you are looking for.

Karthikraj Magapu

Founder, CEO, Startup Guy, Hummingbird Web Solutions


Puneet Sahalot

Freelancer, Theme developer, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Ideabox Creations

Gagan Deep Singh

Freelancer, Plugin developer, Support guy, Tinkerer, Self

Rahul Bansal

Founder, CEO, Blogger, Developer, rtCamp

Jeremy Herve

Happiness Engineer, Remote worker, Automattic

Joshua Abenazer

Developer, Stack Exchange hero, Remote worker, 10up

and many other experts in the audience right beside you! Read more about our panelists on the speakers’ page.

When we just started thinking of having a WordCamp in Pune, the first thing we decided on was that we should have a session on career prospects with WordPress by an expert.

Then we thought, why have one expert when we can have a whole lot! They could also guide, advise and answer questions from the members in the audience. Make sure you’re there to benefit from it by getting tickets before they are sold out!