Let’s contribute to the WordPress Project

Almost everyone is aware of the pride associated with contributing to the WordPress project. Those who do contribute will also tell you how amazing it feels to be able to give back, even if a little, to the community that is the scaffold for our careers and businesses.

How about you?

If you were wondering how you could be one of those contributors, you need not be a developer or programmer and you need not just contribute to the code. There are many ways of contributing and each of them is recognised with a nice little badge on your WordPress.org profile. For eg, see Samuel Wood (Otto)‘s profile:


Or even our own Gagan Deep Singh‘s profile. Aren’t we proud of these two!


Sathish NagarajanWant to start contributing to the WordPress project? WordCamp Pune is a great place to start. Sathish Nagarajan is a core contributor, expert WordPress developer and a great speaker and master falicitator. Join him at WordCamp Pune for a Workshop/Session on Contributing to the WordPress Software.

Not a Developer!

Andy ChristianDon’t know how to code, fret not. Andy Christian from Automattic, one of the leading members of the community and another master speaker and facilitator is flying all the way from Australia to guide you when you start Contributing to the WordPress Project.

Contributor’s Day


The weekend after the WordCamp (12th September), we’re hosting a Contributor’s Day. You can join us in an attempt to put the knowledge we gain from Andy and Sathish to good use, by contributing as much as we can to the project in one whole day!

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