Jitesh Patil knows how to make your Website Useful!

We had never heard of Jitesh before his application turned up in our inbox. At the first Wordex Conference, he was a revelation and we’re proud to host his talk on How to Design Useful Websites in a mix of Marathi and English.

Jitesh is a mobile and web programmer from Solapur. He has been using WordPress for the last 2 years. Apart from building small business websites using WordPress, he regularly conducts theme development workshops for beginners.

When he doesn’t build with WordPress, he shifts his attention to building Android apps and is quite good at it. In fact, he was the winner of the Samsung Appsolute Challenge in 2012.

Jitesh doesn’t just write and teach code. He loves to read, loves to eat and sometimes likes to cook. He’s also an active Rotarian and enjoys organising youth programs.

He lives in the quaint city of Solapur with his parents, wife Vaishali and daughter Tanisha.

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