We are a group of WordPress enthusiasts who meet at least every fortnight to discuss and learn more about WordPress through formal and informal sessions called the Pune WordPress Knowledge Exchange (Wordex) (Meetup, Facebook, Twitter). We are (in no particular order):

Ganesh Kerkar

Ganesh is a Design Team Leader at rtCamp. He’s incharge of the design and swag team.

He has a long and varied experience designing graphics, web sites and wedding cards (strictly for friends). Really really loves eggs and silly puns, especially the bilingual ones. For example:

Why can’t a bicycle stand on its own?
Because it’s two tired.

Dinesh Jain

Dinesh is a Project Manager at rtCamp. He shares responsibility for the hospitality and the after-party!

An absolute vegetarian and tee-totaller, he’s expected to make sure people like him are taken good care of at WordCamp Pune. Soft spoken to a fault, we don’t know what you’d have to do to ruffle his feathers!

With interests as varied as writing, SEO, programming, we think he plans to be the eternal student. It doesn’t help that he’s signed up for an MBA, as well! 😉

Premanshu Manghirmalani

Premanshu  is the founder and CEO of Sunnyz World, a boutique web agency. He’s currently handling sponsorships and venue logistics.

There’s a secret to Premanshu’s energy that even Boost can’t explain. Discovered by the community in WordCamp Pune 2013, he’s been a veritable force ever since in not only the WordPress community in Pune, but he also has a leg firmly rooted in the WordPress scenes of Mumbai.

Amit Kumar Singh

Amit is the director and co-founder of AmiWorks. He’s incharge of curation and venue logistics.

A conference junkie, he gets withdrawal symptoms if he doesn’t go to one for six months or doesn’t organise for two years. When that happens, you just have to say PHP or WordPress ten times and he’s fine!

On a serious note, Amit has been involved in every single WordCamp in India to date and has organised WordCamp Pune 2013.

Swapnil Patil

Swapnil is a freelance WordPress developer. He’s incharge of sponsorship and venue logistics.

He’s probably the only person who matches up to Sheeba’s enthusiasm for the community. He’s extremely excited about the non-English tracs in this edition of WordCamp Pune.

He’s always smiling which is as creepy as it is endearing and he always has a question on his mind!

Rahul Bansal

Rahul is the CEO and founder of rtCamp. He’s incharge of food and curation.

Rahul loves food as much as he loves WordPress. To most people he’s the CEO equivalent of a mad scientist with grand ideas! That’s probably the reason why directly and indirectly, he and his organisation have the biggest contribution to the WordPress ecosystem in India.

If you need to discuss something at length… have you met Rahul?

Joshua Abenazer

Joshua is a WordPress Engineer with 10up. He’s incharge of the workshops and volunteers.

The party don’t start till Joshua walks in!
— Joshua himself

In fact, #JoshuaSays will be the tag to look out for at #WCPune.

He knows WordPress really well. Adding his disarming smile (and a startling laugh), Joshua is the frendliest mentor anyone could have!

Sheeba Abraham

Sheeba is a freelance WordPress developer. She’s incharge of documentation and sponsorships.

An extremely enthusiastic member of the Pune WordPress community, she always arrives first and at least half an hour early for everything. We’ve assumed that she’d be at the venue at a day before and so we won’t have to do anything!

She left the corporate world for the world of self-employment and community. The genuine joy shows!

Saurabh Shukla

Saurabh is a freelance WordPress Developer. He’s the lead organiser and curator.

Saurabh has an opinion on everything and never fails to express them, completely ignoring the set and setting! He writes poems and code and is trying to read the complete Wikipedia.

He wants everyone to remember that two wrongs never make a right. That’s because he has expressed his opinion at every WordCamp in India till date (if you know what we mean)!

Umesh Singla

Umesh is a WordPress developer with Incsub. He’s in charge of the hospitality and the after-party!

A very down to earth person, Umesh loves scaling the hills around Pune, whenever he can. While he codes for a living, he also moonlights as a tea-maker for his close friends.

Also, if you haven’t seen Umesh dancing, you’ve seen nothing at all! (Oh yes, he’s that bad!)

Gagan Deep Singh

Gagan Deep Singh is a freelance WordPress developer. He’s our in-house jugaadu and incharge of internet and accounts.

He loves numbers and keeping track of money to the last paisa and hence excel sheets. He also loves solving challenges like how do we provide uninterrupted high speed internet to about 500 people without letting anyone abuse it. So, you can expect great connectivity! Loves his bike and frequently overdoses on pizza.

… a work in progress.