WordCamp Pune is different

No more sitting in the same room the whole day, listening to all the speakers, whether or not they are relevant for you. WordCamp Pune 2015 is going to be way more interactive than any conference can be. Oh! We are also going to have a lot of fun. What’s so different about WordCamp Pune?

Parallel Tracks


Three parallel tracks means three things to choose from at any given point. Don’t code and don’t care about it. Why go through a talk on plugin development? Maybe a workshop on writing well may interest you better! Ditto for programmers. You don’t have to sit through talks about what plugins to install.

Local Languages


We have sessions lined up in Marathi and Hindi, as well. Being pragmatic, these will be mixed with each other and English. It’s always more fun to participate in something in our everyday language!

Panel Discussions


What is better than one expert giving you their opinion? Multiple experts discussing the best ways possible and involving you in the discussions. While we we’ll announce the topic (very useful one, we promise) and the panelists (very interesting ones, we promise) very soon, a panel discussion is always better than a speech, we think.


Who doesn’t love a lively debate? Just throw in a controversy and watch the fun! On a serious note, not everything is black and white. Things are confusing at times. It is always great to have two opposite points of view slug it out and help clarify some important questions. All of us get to participate in a debate, don’t we?

Lightning Talks

Why listen to someone for hours if they can be done in 5 minutes? Super short, super crisp, lighting talks will allow us to listen to four talks in the time reserved for one! (By the way, we’re really short on good entries, maybe you or your friend would want to present their blog or their product.)

The WP Lounge


What if you don’t want to attend any of the sessions? You go to the WP Lounge where WordPress lovers and experts will chill out and discuss … what else, WordPress. Very useful if you have questions or need help with WordPress or can help someone else with it. The second best place to catch hold of speakers after their talk (Session Overflow is the first!).



I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.
– Confucius

True that! Learn by actually doing something rather than listening to people talk about things or looking passively at slides. Experts will conduct workshops on setting up multilingual websites. There are more workshops that we’ll announce in the coming days.



If you have a topic and some people willing to listen to you, we don’t want to stop you. Maybe you were not selected as an official speaker. Maybe you come up with the idea right then. Just get to the main schedule, grab a marker from a volunteer and add your session to the unconference space. Afterall, it’s all about openness and freedom!

Open house

The whole WordCamp gets together and then it’s an open house. Any question can be asked by anyone and anybody can answer it. It just has to be about WordPress. Any topic can be discussed, any issues tackled. It’s all open!

Networking & Breaks


An hour long lunch break, two tea breaks (20 mins & 30 mins) and seven 10 mins breaks between sessions. That’s ten breaks of total three hours; enough time to make personal and business relationships or just take a break between heavy duty sessions!

Scavenger/Treasure Hunt


A real WordPress treasure hunt with a lot of fun. We’ll be announcing details a few days before the WordCamp. Otherwise, the fun gets spoilt!

More Contests

There are other fun contests that you’ll hear about in the coming days. Sorry, can’t divulge any more information at this point; can’t spoil the surprise!

An After-Party

You, I and everyone at WordCamp Pune 2015 will party at the end!

Think we’re missing something? Do you have a great idea? Why not let us know!

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