Our first workshop by WPML is unbelievable!

We are kicked to announce a multilingual workshop on building multilingual websites by a multilingual team from WPML at the multilingual WordCamp Pune 2015.


Oh yes, you read that right. The team from WPML consists of Bigul Malayi, Harshad Mane, Ankit Gade, Minesh Shah and Sumit Singh. Each of them speaks a different native tongue, making the team multilingual as well! 🙂 These experts are going to conduct a hands-on workshop on building multilingual WordPress websites.

The workshop titled “Let your site speak multilingual!”, will be conducted in three languages at the same time: Hindi, Marathi and English. Now it’s up to you to make use of this opportunity and learn how to make all content and meta content of your WordPress site multilingual!

Photo Credit: A bad cross between Hindi and Marathi by Meghana Kulkarni is licensed under CC BY NC 2.0.

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