Call for Volunteers

Thank you guys for the overwhelming response. We have enough volunteers now and are closing this call!

Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer.

We need you to pull off a memorable WordCamp in our beloved city. You’d perform a great service for the community by donating a little bit of your time and effort.

1. What would I do as a volunteer?

Anything that you can take on comfortably without affecting your profession/education.
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2. How difficult are the tasks?

As a volunteer, you’d only handle micro-tasks. These are very simple tasks with a single straightforward outcome. For instance, you might have to keep time and stop sessions from delaying the whole schedule. Another task could be visiting a vendor or sponsor because their office is closest to your home.
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Volunteers manning the registration counter at WordCamp Pune 2013

3. What if I want more responsibility and take on more complex tasks?

You are more than welcome to do that. However, all such tasks have a team of minimum two people assigned to them. So, you’d have to share the responsibility and the glory. 🙂
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4. Can I become an Organiser instead?

Not rightaway. The current organisers have been working with each other for months now to get the WordCamp to take off. However, if your work as a volunteer is exceptional, we’ll accept you as one and even feature you here.
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5. I’m not from Pune, can I still volunteer?

Absolutely. There are a lot of micro-tasks to be taken care of on the day of the WordCamp. If you are here, you can help.

If you are from Mumbai, you can be of special help because a lot of reasonable vendors are in your city.

Majority of our communication happens online on Slack. Most of our task delegation and co-ordination happens on Trello. You don’t have to be physically present at the occassional organisers’ meetups (although it’d be great if you do).
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Everybody can help in their own way.

6. Cool, how do I start?

Fill this form and we’ll start the process!

The call for volunteers is now closed