Releasing videos from WordCamp Pune 2015

camera-497981_640We finally have most videos for WordCamp Pune 2015!

We have had these videos for a little while now but we’ve just been contemplating what to do with the situation we have with the videos. Finally, we decided to release everything as it is.

Unfortunately, partly because of our fault and partly because we couldn’t foresee the videographers’ mistakes, we only have low quality edited versions.

Second, due to some sort of miscommunication, they didn’t record any of the workshops and some other sessions. Four cameramen = three sessions. 🙁

Third, due to various reasons, we were unable to co-ordinate or supervise the process. So, we’d like to get some feedback and insight. If you have some expertise or experience with video recording and can give us useful advice, please get in touch with us.

One of the things that we will do is, start recording our meetups. We have learnt a lot of lessons and will be sharing those once we’re done wrapping up!

So, here’s the WordCamp Pune 2015 playlist, as it is: