Goodbye and thank you for the fish

WordCamp Pune 2015 is officially over. Thank you everyone for your awesome support and kind words. WordPress Pune is not over, though.

We’ll be sharing a lot of photos and videos as they get ready. We’ll also be sharing a lot of statistics and data that we collected and yes we’ll share our experiences. Do let us know if you’ve written or posted anything about WordCamp Pune 2015. We’d love to see those and feature some on this website. Do tag your posts #WCPune on social media for us to find your shares.


Over to WordCamp Mumbai 2016, the next WordCamp in India.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye and thank you for the fish”

  1. It was wonderful to attend and enjoy the WCPune 2015. Enthusiasm of the organisers and the volunteers was infectious. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions I attended and missed which I could not attend (hoping to see the videos of the remaining ones soon).

    Did everything go as planned? No. But more things went as planned. Thanks for the goodies from the sponsors. I for one will dirty my hands with WP and will wait for WCPune 2016 too.

    Thanks to you all passionate ones out there.

  2. It was a Great day also with some relaxed time & hangout at After party. Literally we don’t know how day ended. Had lot fun & bag overfilled with swag.

    Got introduced some new mates & meet again some old ones.

    Got chance to share experience with everyone in panel discussion. Learned many things from seniors from community. One of great camp….. Waiting for #WCMumbai2016 #WCPune2016

    WORDPRESS is awesome.

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