Join us for a Functional Workshop on Starting with WordPress


The meetup group that organises this WordCamp also organises regular activities, sesions, workshops etc in Pune. This Saturday, 1st August 2015, join us for a Functional Workshop on Starting with WordPress.

Functional: of or having a special activity, purpose, or task; relating to the way in which something works or operates.

So, instead of showing you how to use WordPress, this workshop focuses on how WordPress or even content management works. Once you know how and why something should work, it is easier to understand why it works in a certain way. Then we show you how WordPress works and you’ll be amazed how awesome it is!

From an absolute novice who’s itching to discover WordPress to an expert who’d like to see WordPress in a new light, everyone is invited!

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3 thoughts on “Join us for a Functional Workshop on Starting with WordPress”

  1. Hey Saurabh … read about this workshop just now, can’t attain due to work commitments. Would you please video shoot this workshop and post it on youtube. Others would also be benefited from it. 🙂

    1. Hey Imran, thanks for your interest!

      We’ve been asked about this multiple times and we’ve tried experiments with phones and webcams but it doesn’t give us anything satisfactory.

      So maybe we’ll find a sponsor ot maybe we’ll get a little surplus from the WordCamp to get a half-decent camera to do this in the future!

      But, as of now, we can’t have videos. Sorry! 🙁

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