Topher DeRosia will bring out your Inner WordPress Hero

Everybody knows Topher in Pune, thanks to the HeroPress project and a very popular campaign to fund his trip to this WordCamp. A lot of known members of the local and global communities, including Matt Mullenweg saw the value of his coming here and funded him so he could talk to us about HeroPress: Stories of Success.

His full name is Christopher DeRosia; Topher comes from the second half of Christopher. He started building web sites with plain html on a VAX VMS system in 1994 but switched to PHP/FI when it came out. He was using plain PHP/MySQL until 2010 when WordPress 3.0 came out with Custom Post Types. Since then, he hasn’t really built with anything else. He’s been a freelancer, the CTO of a Startup, a super hero with X-Team, and now documents Easy Digital Downloads.

He’s married, has 2 teen daughters and two cute little dogs. He lives in the small city of Grand Rapids MI, where it rarely gets above 30C, but occasionally gets below -30C. It’s a very snowy world in the winter.

Here’s an old but interesting list of 25 random things about him.