What we already did while waiting for WordCamp Pune 2015

We’re so excited about WordCamp Pune this year, as we hope you are too. Even though WordCamp Pune is just for a day on Spetember 6th, 2015, the local meetup group that’s organising this edition has a whole line up of events leading up to right the day before the WordCamp. We’ll share the details of upcoming activities as we progress but we just wanted to share what we have been doing till now.

27th June: WordPress Contributor’s Day


Although the attendance wasn’t very high and we didn’t manage a lot of contributions at the end of the day, Joshua Abenazer from 10up enlightened all of us to various ways of contributing to the WordPress project.

With the questions and answers taking up most of the time, we only managed to add a couple of translations. However, we plan to build upon Joshua’s good work and add more to the project in the near future.

4th July: Automated Theme Development (in Marathi) by Sagar Jadhav


A short, crisp but still filled with knowledge, Sagar‘s session was well appreciated and we had enough time for an encore and another! The first round was a demo and convinced us to have him as a speaker for the WordCamp. He got to rehearse twice thanks to the late comers! 😉

4th July: How to Speak at a WordCamp (in Hindi & English) by Saurabh Shukla


Breaking it’s own KISS rule, this three hour long interactive session cum workshop discussed audience dynamics, presentation delivery skills, zeroing on a topic and preparing an effective presentation. Saurabh was a communication coach in a past life who trained corporates at their presentation skills. He’s also spoken at three WordCamps and emceed one.

We didn’t have enough time to actually practice and prepare presentations, but hey there’ll be a next time.

11th July: Workshop on Starting with WordPress (in Marathi, Hindi & English) by Amit Singh


Amit is a community veteran, having attended every WordCamp in India, way before WordCamps were cool in India. He also led the last WordCamp Pune. Always eager to help out beginners and evangelise seeekers, Amit held a super interactive workshop.

With able technical support from Gagan Deep Singh and everyone from the participants chipping in every now and then, it was a great experience. Everyone installed and created their own first website(s).

18th July: Wordex Conference – I (because we had to have a name) (in Marathi, Hindi & English)


We had a line up of five local speakers, some of them demonstrating for the speaker selection process, some rehearsing their already selected sessions and some speaking only at the Wordex. A couple of them were first timers and have been selected to speak at WordCamp Pune 2015. You’ll hear about them soon.

We have a Part – II scheduled on Saturday the 25th and may more activities. Watch this space for more!