Here comes Gaurav Pareek, our third speaker

Gaurav Pareek must be familiar to quite a few of us from his talk at WordCamp Mumbai. At WordCamp Pune, Gaurav will give An Introduction to the WordPress REST API to developers in a mix of Hindi and English.

A Web developer, UI/UX hacker, free software activist, Doctor Who fan and all round geek. Gaurav discovered WordPress in 2009 and fell in love. He even ran a web development services company for 5 years completely revolving around WordPress.

Primarily a theme developer, he also dabbles in non-traditional uses of WordPress. When not doing his job as a web developer or geeking out on science fiction stuff, he dabbles in accessibility tech, bash, python, Linux desktop software, 3D design, music, and cooking. He aspires to start a social enterprise for accessibility related technology someday.