If you are a student, you can get a 20% discount (available only till 8th August 1st September 2015) by submitting an application here. You may be asked to produce a valid current ID of your institution. Student discount applications are now closed.

Women (& other Genders)

Women get a 20% discount (valid till 6th Spetember 2015), as well. In fact if your gender is anything but male, this coupon is for you.


Any ticket bought by a male using this coupon is invalid and not eligible for refund.

(If you are a student and a woman, you only get a 20% discount, not 40%!)

Senior Citizens

Senior members of the community above the age of 60 can get a 20% discount (valid till 6th Spetember 2015), using the code:


Again, tickets bought by attendees who aren’t over the age of 60 using this code will be invalid and no refund will be given. You may be asked to produce a valid age proof.

Differently Abled

Differently abled members of the community may claim a 40% discount (valid till 6th September 2015) by using the code:


You may be asked to produce a government issued certificate so please carry it with you.

Speakers, Volunteers and Sponsors

All speakers, volunteers and some representatives of sponsors are eligible for free tickets. Please get in touch with your co-ordinator or any of the organisers.

Group Discounts

If you are a large group (>15) or a group of people who really need and/or deserve a discount, please contact us.


If you feel you should be given a discount for a reason, as strong as one of the above, please get in touch with us.

Otherwise, if you think we haven’t included a group of people who should be given a discount, please let us know.

Please note that no discounts will be given on the basis of race, religion, caste, language, political, social or financial status. No discounts will be given because of any claims to VIP status.