How to attend/ Tickets

Tickets are now on sale.
Attending WordCamps is a lot of fun! Participants at WordCamp Mumbai 2015
Attending WordCamps is a lot of fun! (Participants at WordCamp Mumbai 2015)

You need a ticket to attend the WordCamp. It is usually nominal and includes food and refreshments, some sort of swag and an awesome WordCamp experience. For e.g. the tickets for WordCamp Mumbai 2015 were priced at ₹500.

The tickets are not available right now and cannot be blocked or reserved. Once the tickets go on sale, you’ll know since you’d get an update.

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The cost of the tickets for WordCamp Pune will be announced later when we start selling them.

We’d be selling about 500 tickets so I don’t think you’d miss out on one unless you wait till the last moment. 🙂

Note:  This page was published in response to the numerous comments and emails that we’ve been receiving.

8 thoughts on “How to attend/ Tickets”

      1. Oh my God. That was in front of me and I was finding everywhere. This is called in Marathi “काखेत कळसा आणि गावाला वळसा.” 😀

    1. I have been to a lot of WordCamps before. There are a lot of sessions that are helpful for beginners. In fact, we’re trying to arrange a workshop for absolute beginners on using WordPress.

  1. When the tickets are going to be available and how can we get them..i’m pretty excited to attend this wordcamp.

    1. Hi @Rakesh, we are in process of making the tickets live, it’ll be available soon, and I’ll drop a comment for sure as soon as it is available 🙂

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