Call for Sponsors

Our call for sponsorships is now closed.

500 engaged WordPress enthusiasts functioning in a space meant for 1500 people means a lot of room (for thought, for discussion, for fun… take your pick!).

Multiple short breaks prevent fatigue so attendees don’t switch out. Long meal breaks are opportunities to have conversations with each other and possibly you, the sponsor.

We need help from friendly sponsors like you to deliver this experience and in return, you participate in a common environment of sharing, learning and networking.

In doing so you reach out to a massive community of programmers (Pune is developer dominated), bloggers, marketers, students and SMEs (lot of WordPress agencies) in Pune and an unbelievably large and fascinating global comunity as well.

You could choose to be our angel, our hero or just a good friend. Hurry, though, this call closes on Thursday, 6th August after which we won’t accept offers of sponsorship. Sponsorships are now closed. (If you are from outside India, we have mentioned the package cost in USD* right next to the cost in INR):

(Sponsorship Packages)

Photo Credit: Day 178: Almost Full by Tom Small is licensed under CC BY SA 2.0.