More tickets, new plan

4th September, now: If you wish to cancel your ticket, visit

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5th September, 10 am: All available tickets go on sale. There is no guaranteed count, it may just be a few, even just one or two. The number of available tickets will also be announced at this time. We’ll continue allowing cancellations without refund, at this time.

5th September, 11:59 pm: Deadline for any cancellation or sale. We are okay if we end up having less than 500 at this point, but there are not going to be more than 500 tickets.

6th September , 12:00 am: No more ticket sales, no spot sales. We strongly advise that you don’t arrive at the venue without a ticket. We won’t accept anyone without a ticket. To repeat, there will never be more than 500 tickets under any circumstances.

If you have a ticket that you aren’t likely to use, please help out the other members of the community get a ticket by cancelling it. We’ll really appreciate the gesture.

If you are looking for a ticket, 5th September, 10 am is the time to be online and get the tickets.