More tickets

We got sold out!


However, since then we have been flooded with emails, calls, tweets, comments, posts all asking for that one elusive WordCamp Pune tickets.

So, we have some good news and we have some not so good news.

Not more than 500

There are absolutely no extra tickets. We really wish to focus on organising the event and even if you are our best friends, we cannot create a new ticket, there is no scope of discussion here.

Just a few days from the event, we really need to focus on making everyone’s WordCamp experience, the best possible. We cannot spend time now replying to all these emails or talking to you on the phone.

Please bear with us. This is the first time this total team is organising an event.

More tickets

Having said that, we have also been contacted by some participants that they’ll not be able to make it to the WordCamp and would rather cancel their tickets to let someone else attend.

So, we are going to allow cancellations asap. All cancellations will be without refund (because we simply don’t have the time to process all that). We are working on it and all participants will soon receive an email with a secure link to cancel their tickets.

All cancelled tickets will be added to the available pool. We don’t want you to spend time refreshing the page just to see if a ticket is available. That’s why we have a plan!

The timeline

4th September, before 10 am: All cancellation links will be emailed.

5th September, 10 am: All available tickets go on sale. There is no guaranteed count, it may just be a few, even just one or two.

5th September, 11:59 pm: Deadline for any cancellation or sale. We are okay if we end up having less than 500 at this point, but there are not going to be more than 500 tickets.

6th September , 12:00 am: No more ticket sales, no spot sales. We strongly advise that you don’t arrive at the venue without a ticket. We won’t accept anyone without a ticket. To repeat, there will never be more than 500 tickets under any circumstances.

If you have a ticket that you aren’t likely to use, please help out the other members of the community get a ticket by cancelling it. We’ll really appreciate the gesture.

If you are looking for a ticket, 5th September, 10 am is the time to be online and get the tickets.

Image Credits:

Raffel Tickets by Alyson Hurt licensed under CC BY 2.0

coachella 2010 by Marina Santa Helena under CC BY NC 2.0

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  1. I was sitting online since morning 10..but I m not seeing any extra ticket can u please tell me at what time ticket shown n which page its shown..


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