The menu at WordCamp Pune 2015


  • Breakfast: Vada Pav
  • Lunch: Club sandwich, Bombay Masala sandwich and Ukadiche Modak from Chitale Bandhu
  • High tea: Shrewsbury Biscuits (Cookies) from Kayani Bakery, Bhakarwadi from Chitale Bandhu
  • All day chai-coffee



The quintenssial Maharashtrian street food. It is essentially a piece of bread, slit and stuffed with a pattie filled with mashed boiled potatoes with just a little bit of spices and condiments, and fried with a coating of chickpea flour (besan). Had with different types of sauces and powders (heard of something called the gun powder) or even salted and fried green chillies, if you like it spicy, these are the perfect companion to a rainy or cold Sunday morning!

Best had when they’re piping hot, we are going to explore a lot of Badi-badi baatein, when we wada pav khate! (It’s a pop phrase, which has layers and layers of meaning; ask any WordCamper from Maharashtra about the Vada Pav as well as this phrase. Translation: Talks big but has vada pav)



Any time during the day, have piping hot cups of adrak-wali chai (ginger tea) or coffee in kulhads (porous clay cups). These kulhads have been made by hand by a potter family from the Kumbharwada in Mundhwa, Pune. Made from the earth, dried in the sun and baked in a kiln, these cups will dissolve back into earth in no time, leaving us guilt free from consuming them!


We want you to meet people while having lunch, not worried whether that dal will spill out. We want you make friends while having lunch, not worried about eating things that can quickly get messy. We want you to take in all the knowledge on offer and every experience available at WordCamp Pune, not dozing off in a corner seat.


So, we opted for simple, filling but non-stuffy lunch. The Indian take on the ever popular sandwich will keep you light and satisfied. The great chutney will trigger gastric juices to digest things in a jiffy. The cheese and butter will gloss your food pipe and the veggies within will fill your proteins, fibres and carbohydrate quotas.


Lunch will be served on plates made out of hard pressed areca (supari) palm leaves. These handy plates are made with machine without the use of chemicals (unlike paper and plastic) and will go back to nourish the trees that they came from in no time!

Top it up with a ripe banana that will also be available during lunch for a healthy, well-rounded lunch.



A deliciously sweet mixture of coconut, jaggery and dry fruits, stuffed inside a rice dumpling, steamed to perfection, this light dessert is a perfect companion to your luch. The favourite sweet of the sweet-toothed, elephant headed god Ganesha, modaks are a fixture of all Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations.


Sourced from the best known makers of Ukadiche Modak (trans. Steamed Modak) in Pune, Chitale Bandhu, we know we’re going to be in trouble because no one would want just one!

High Tea

We sourced the most famous biscuits of Pune, the Shrewsbury biscuits from Kayani Bakery, these crisp, buttery and melt in the mouth contraptions, are going to boot your mind for fresh ideas.


The famous bhakarwadis from Chitale Bandhu in Pune, will balance the taste with its sweet and spicy taste and sooth your tongue with its crunchiness.


And the tea and coffee will go on till the event goes on.

If you wish to avoid eating this spread for any reason and would like to eat outside, a friendly custom map has all the eateries, pubs and cafes geolocated for you.

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