Register for the Blogger Gym to be in the Lucky Ten

The blogger gym is an awesome workshop for bloggers and writers to take their skills to the next level. Conducted by the ace expert Ramya Pandyan, you can be sure you’ll go back home a far more confident and better writer than before the WordCamp. However, there’s a slight catch.

The Lucky Ten

Writing is intensive; anyone can testify to that. It’d be impossible to work with everyone participating and give them feedback, etc. So, instead, we are going to have 10 live participants, whose posts will be used as the work in progress material and will actively participate under direct supervision of Ramya.

Others will still participate and interact but won’t work under direct supervision. If you wish to be one of the lucky ten, register now (before the 31st)! If you still haven’t bought your ticket, do so now!

The not-so-lucky rest needn’t worry

Oh, and don’t hit the blues if you aren’t one of the ten (but you can feel bad, you poor thing, you!). We have a whole day of activities at the Word Lounge by Alphabet Sambar for writers and bloggers. In a way, those will supplement the workshop!

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