Harish Iyer is the speaker we are the most proud of and he’s here to help your cause

Harish is the person who speaks up against every kind of injustice without fear. He makes sure his voice is heard and every cause that he stands up with can find the ears they’ve been looking for. At WordCamp Pune, he’s going to talk about the best possible use of WordPress and technology in Tell It Loud : Getting NGOs up to scale with technology.

Our short bio format can’t contain what Harish has done for this society, so head over to Wikipedia or his about.me page. Here’s an intro from there:

Harish Iyer (aka Harrish Iyer aka Aham aka @hiyer) is an icon for the common people. An Equal Rights Activist, he is best known for his quirky campaigns for the rights of Homosexuals, Women, Children and Animals. His life and experiences have been the subject of a book and two movies.