How to organise a WordCamp in your city?

WordCamps are awesome! WordCamps are fun! Who doesn’t want to see a nice little WordCamp in their own city? However, behind all the fun and glamour(?) is lot of hard work and dedication. WordCamps don’t spring out of the blue. They evolve from a healthy, thriving local meetup group. There are a lot of perils and some disappointment that paves the path. Then there’s the quintenssential debate about the community being GPL only.

Worry not, though; help is on the way. At WordCamp Pune we get together a couple of leaders from the community on a panel to deicuss Hosting a WordCamp in your city.

Aditya Kane

WordCamp Deputee, WordCamp Organiser, Meetup Organiser


Alexander Gounder

WordCamp Deputee, WordCamp Organiser, Meetup Organiser

Andy Christian

Community Contributor, WordCamp Organiser

Saurabh Shukla

WordCamp Organiser, Meetup Organiser

and many other experts in the audience right beside you! Read more about our panelists on the speakers’ page.