The Current List of Sessions at WordCamp Pune

We have announced quite a lot of sessions till now. While we work on the exact schedule and confirm a few remaining sessions, here’s a summary/recap of all the sessions announced till date.

Topic Facilitator(s) Language Session Type Useful for
Importing content from other systems into WordPress and WooCommerce Akshaye Raje Marathi and English Lecture/Talk Development, Administration
Unit Testing for WordPress Sudar Muthu English Lecture/Talk Development
An Introduction to the WordPress REST API Gaurav Pareek Hindi and English Lecture/Talk Development, Business
Local, Staging and Production Made Easy Joe Guilmette English Lecture/Talk Development
Let your site speak multilingual! Bigul Malayi,
Minesh Shah,
Ankit Gade,
Harshad Mane,
Sumit Singh
Marathi, Hindi and English Workshop Develpoment, Blogging, Administration
Growing from a Single Author Blog to a Multi-author Community Arun Prabhudesai English Lecture/Talk Blogging, Business
Automated Theme Development with Grunt Sagar Jadhav Marathi Lecture/Talk Development
Beyond the Blackboard: Building Education Products for South Asia Mahangu Weerasinghe English Lecture/Talk Business, Community
Theme Customisation Puneet Sahalot Hindi and English Workshop Development, Administration
HeroPress: Stories of Success Topher DeRosia English Lecture/Talk Community
WordPress JSON API Priyanka Goyal Hindi Lecture/Talk Development
Promote your WordPress Plugin or Theme Shilpa Shah English Lecture/Talk Business
How to Design Useful Websites Jitesh Patil Marathi and English Lecture/Talk Administration, Business
Podcasting with WordPress Shrikant Joshi English Workshop Blogging
Content Creation and Promotion in 2015 and beyond Priya Florence Shah English Lecture/Talk Blogging, Business
Careers in Development & Support with WordPress Karthikraj Magapu,
Jeremy Herve,
Joshua Abenazer,
Rahul Bansal,
Gagan Deep Singh
English Panel Discussion Business
User Experience best practices for a WordPress Blog Siddharth Ashok Hindi and English QnA Development, Administration, Business
Contributing to WordPress, the Project Andy Christian English Lecture/Talk Blogging, Business, Community
Contributing to WordPress, the Software Sathish Nagarajan English Workshop Development, Community
Building a Good Quality WordPress theme Nisha Singh Hindi Workshop Development

Of the total 20 sessions as of now, there are 10 sessions related to development, 5 related to blogging, 5 related to administration, 8 related to business (including support) and 3 related to the community.

There are no more development related sessions to be announced. There’s more in store for blogging, business and the community. We have at least four very exciting speakers and sessions lined up that we will announce soon. In total, we still have to announce about 10 more sessions. Whether you are a blogger, developer or someone else, you’d find a lot of sessions in the list that’ll interest you!

There are 11 sessions in English, 2 in Marathi and English, 3 in Hindi and English, 2 exclusively in Hindi, 1 exclusively in Marathi and 1 in all the three languages. Like we had promised, you can go the whole day without attending a single session that’s exclusively in English!

There are 13 talks, 5 workshops, 1 QnA and 1 panel discussion. The discussions and workshops are longer in duration, so there’s more interaction time than plain listening!

So, how about making sure you don’t miss out on these and other awesome sessions by grabbing your tickets before we run out!

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