The WordCamp Pune Selfie Hunt


You can call it a Scavenger Hunt, a Treasure Hunt, Bingo, Housie, Find Someone Who… or any other name you can think of. We call it the Selfie Hunt because there’s a selfie involved.

How to Play

More details and the exact rules will be announced closer to the event but you’d get a ticket with clues:

  • You just have to find someone or something that your clues point to. For eg, a clue would be Find someone whose WordPress website has been hacked once.
  • Once you identify them, go say Hi.
  • Have a little chat about the clue, make a new friend and take a selfie.
  • Mention them in a social media post on Facebook or Twitter, attach the selfie and hashtag #SelfieHunt #WCPune.
  • When you’re done with all your clues, shout #BINGO on Facebook or Twitter. Also hashtag #SelfieHunt #WCPune and the url to your ticket.
  • Your ticket will have buttons to make such sharing very easy. You’d only need to mention the person/ object.
  • The first three people to complete their tickets successfully win prizes*!
  • But you can continue even after that, just for fun or to make more friends.
  • Here’s a sample ticket just to give you an idea. The actual ticket will be very different.

Super simple! You’ll hopefully make new friends and network more while having a lot of fun, we’re sure!

*Since it is a community event, the prizes would be nominal and in kind. The point of this is not to win a grand prize, the point of it is fun and networking.