Introducing the WordPress Lounge


WordPress Lounge?

You may need help with something related to your WordPress site and you need to speak with someone who can help. You may want to discuss blogging or something related to code. Or you just wish to discuss and talk about anything related to WordPress. Imagine a day long discussion that you could leave or join whenever you like. That’s the WordPress Lounge.


This is exactly how the ancients used to share knowledge all over the world, discussion or what we call चर्चा in a lot of Sanskrit derived languages! Our Prime Minister is very fond of it and so are we. The Chai (tea)/Coffee will flow, of course!

Why have one?

It is the best part of our meetups when people talk just after the sessions. We though it’d be nice to have a designated space where birds of a feather could flock together and enjoy some useful conversations and discussions.

If you have anything related to WordPress on your mind and it is not covered in any of the sessions, head to the WordPress Lounge. Or maybe you have something on mind because of a session! 😉

Can I help?


Sure. Just be present at the lounge and help anyone who has a question or join in an existing conversation to share your knowledge. Everyone is welcome! Who knows, you might make even more friends.