Announcing the WordCamp Pune Buddy Program

People are shy

True that. A lot of us are extremely shy or just introverts. This is especially true of the stereotypical geek/nerd developers. However, we want this community of nice people to meet each other and exchange ideas, information and knowledge at WordCamp Pune 2015. So, we’ve devised a little scheme that will ensure some level of interaction.

You get a buddy, your buddy gets a buddy too

Everyone who comes to WordCamp Pune will be assigned a buddy, randomly (by pure WordPress/PHP code). In addition, they will be assigned as buddies to another user.

So every participant will have two buddies. This way we are hoping we can connect a lot of people with each other. Sample this:


Vaishali is assigned to you as a buddy. You are assigned to Topher as a buddy. Vaishali’s buddy is Abhishek. Topher is Sheeba’s buddy. Sheeba is someone’s buddy and Abhishek has a buddy, as well.


All these people are already friends with someone outside this buddy program. You will also meet people outside the buddy program. How many people do you think you’d have met by the end of the day and how may friends would you have made at WordCamp Pune!


Sounds silly and confusing? Let it be. Silly is fun, sometimes. Have too many questions? Let them be. Just remember that you have to go say “Hi!” to whoever has been designated as your buddy. Everything else happens automatically! Just remember to say “Hi!” back to whoever walks upto you and says that you are their buddy!


You could be an introvert and you might meet introverts at the WordCamp. Just acknowledging each other will cause no harm. Also, Dr. Carmella’s Guide to Understanding the Introverted by the cartoonist Schroeder Jones will come in handy. It’s fun and here’s a sample:

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