Siddharth Ashok will host a QnA on User Experience for your blog

User Experience is important. Your visitors’ impression of you is based on their experience with your website. As much as it is important, it’s not easy to figure out what’s good and what’s bad and it is such a vast field.

To make our lives easier, Siddharth Ashok is going to answer all your questions in a QnA session on User Experience best practices for WordPress Blog. You can ask your questions beforehand as well using #WCPuneUX on Facebook and Twitter.

He is a Front-End and WordPress developer working with the Swedish web agency Next Big Thing and lives in Panaji, Goa.

He’s been using WordPress for almost a decade and has followed its journey from being just a blogging platform to CMS.  Along with WordPress, he’s deeply interested in questions like ‘What makes good User Experience?’ and ‘What constitutes good design?’, and likes to play around with User Interaction components and the interaction itself.

He loves Open Source and tries as much as he can to contribute to the community. Find him on twitter @siddharthashok