Thank you for covering us – Call for Sponsors closes on 6th August

We’re covered!


Thanks to the overwhelming response from all you awesome sponsors, WordCamp Pune 2015 has almost covered it’s budget!

While we’ve already announced most of our sponsors, a couple will be announced as soon as we complete the formalities.

Call for Sponsors closes on 6th August

Now, that we have awesome photographers, volunteers, sponsors and speakers on board, we want to divert all our attention to preparing the actual event down to the last detail.

This means that we don’t want to spend a lot of time in all the formalities and documentation. Also, there’s only so much space on banners, slides and for setting up stalls. We don’t want it to be a crowd!

If you wish to join the bandwagon, hop in fast because the sponsorship train leaves the station on Thursday, 6th August, 2015.

What happens to the surplus?

If we collect surplus amounts, it is sent to WordCamp Central and used to fund a WordCamp that maybe has difficulties attracting sponsors. It is also used to fund other community initiatives like meetups.

We still want to help sponsor WordCamps


You sure can! There are many things you can do:

  • Sponsor in kind. How about picking up a couple of bills directly? Or maybe just give 500 useful gifts to participants of WordCamp Pune!
  • Sponsor the long haul. You could sponsor the local meetup group that organises this WordCamp so that they can help strengthen and evolve the community and do a better job next time!
  • Sponsor another WordCamp. Check the international WordCamp schedule and look for any upcoming WordCamps in India. Sponsor them! There’s one already there, 😉 😉

Now that we’re free from worrying about funds, we can completely focus on giving you the most awesome WordCamp experience ever! Make sure you don’t miss out.

See you at WordCamp Pune 2015!