Priyanka Goyal will help us deal with JSON API

Priyanka is a first time WordCamp speaker. She is also our first (but not the last) woman speaker. Her session would be primarily in Hindi with a little Hinglish thrown in for good measure. She’d be speaking on the WordPress JSON API

Priyanka is a web developer with a special interest in WordPress. She has been using WordPress for developing websites for clients for about 2 years now and loves to explore the possibilities of WordPress.

She likes to extend features of existing plugins to match her clients’ needs. She’s developed her plugin and theme development skills this way. The WP_Query class is her favorite of everything that is WordPress. She’s looking to develop a plugin for easier Contact and Enquiry management in the near future.

Prior to exploring her coding chops, Priyanka was a teacher and still loves to train new hires in her team. She loves interacting with beginners and regularly conducts training sessions at CityIT, her organisation.