Thank you volunteers, you are awesome


We really feel blessed to have received great response to both our call for Volunteers and Volunteer Photographers. Thank you to all of those who applied. This community loves you and loves your intent.

Thanks to your overwhelming response, we’re now closing the call for Volunteer Photographers, as well. We’ve already closed the call for volunteers. We’ll be introducing everyone to the short-listed volunteers, asap.

We are now looking for are speakers to provide content and we are doing that for just two more days. Apply before it’s too late!

We’re also looking for bloggers to showcase their blogs and developers to showcase their products in lightning talks.

3 thoughts on “Thank you volunteers, you are awesome”

  1. Hello there 🙂
    I was wondering when and how would I get info about any volunteer meets?
    I had applied a while back, and gotten a thank you email by Joshua Abenazer telling me I’d be notified.

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