Find out why WordCamp Pune wants you for Sessions


We have received great response to our call for speakers. However, there are some topics/ domains for which we’re specifically looking for experts. So, if you haven’t applied because you weren’t sure what you’d do, we’ve made it easy for you. Read on and see if you fit the bill. If you do, do hurry up. There are just six days left for closing applications.


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We’d love to have you enlighten us about the basic principles of design. So that we may discern good design from bad and never make ghastly websites like the one above. (Ling’s Cars, in case you were wondering!)

There are so many themes and so many designs floating around. There is ample scope of making a mistake and choosing an inappropriate theme. You know how expensive that mistake could turn out to be. We probably don’t. Just head to the application form to evolve our design sensibilities.

Expert Reviewers/ Critics

There’s one thing about WordPress (and with the open source world) that some people love while others hate. There are too many options in the WordPress ecosystem. For every feature, there are at least 2-3 plugins if you’re lucky or dozens if you’re not. For every business there are hundreds of potential themes. And there are a lot of hosting options, OSes, server software, domain name providers and so on.


You’d be the person who can tell us what’s good and what’s not and why. Maybe you’d tackle the essential and/ or common features or maybe you’d like to take up anything that your audience throws at you. Maybe you just want to select one important and popular product and evaluate it for us. We leave that up to you and we really want you to apply to speak.

Comperes/ Hosts/ Emcees/ Moderators


You love the stage, you enthrall the crowd and you have the knowledge as well as the tact for moderating discussions and conversations. They can get confusing and haywire faster than you’d spell haywire. Open source is chaotic and we need co-ordinators to bring in some order.

You are either a great blogger or and expert developer. You probably aren’t much interested in the amount of good vibes, karma and connections that come with this role. Quickly fill up our orderly form.

Debate Enthusiasts


If you love talking about controversial or ambivalent issues and don’t mind debating someone with opposite views, you’d be at home in WordCamp Pune. For a democratic software, difference of opinion is important. Contact us to help the democracy.

Helpful People

In spite of the best efforts of the community, some things are still difficult/ obscure/ slightly complex/ exasperating. At least once in your relationship with WordPress, you’ve needed help and you’ve received help!


As someone with some experience and knowledge about WordPress, it would be great if you could give back to the community by helping your fellow WordPress lovers. The happier people are with WordPress, the more they’d use it. The more people use WordPress, the better it is for business! How about getting in touch to engineer some happiness?


Did we tell you that there are just six days left to apply?

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  1. How are you guys selecting speakers. I would like to make a presentation for wordpress as well.
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