Don’t know Hindi or Marathi? Here’s what you do at WordCamp Pune

Most reactions to our post on promoting the local languages of Hindi and Marathi have been very encouraging. Some, however, are very apprehensive, especially from some of our friends from the other side of the Vindhyas:


Will all the sessions be in Hindi/Marathi?

We wish to encourage Hindi and Marathi speakers so that the local population can benefit more. It doesn’t mean we wish to replace English altogether. The local language scene doesn’t exist as of now. We’re just kickstarting it. So, some sessions will be Hindi/Marathi, the rest would be in English.

Spoiler alert: The rest of the post contains spoilers about what’s going to happen at WordCamp Pune 2015. Read ahead at your own risk.

What will I do when a Hindi/Marathi session is on, if I don’t understand them?

  1. Attend another session! The organisers have always believed that everyone doesn’t like the same thing. That’s why we have options and the freedom to choose. Of the three parallel sessions at any given point, only one would be in Hindi/Marathi. You still have two to choose from.
  2. Start your own session. Who says all you can do at a WordCamp is attend sessions? We have something called a Session Overflow which you can utilise, unconference (BarCamp) style, and conduct your own session, if you have a willing audience!
  3. Network. Go on, meet other people, talk to them and collaborate on some code or maybe a blog post. Help someone with their WordPress related problems. Get someone to help you for your WordPress issues. We have a dedicated WordPress Lounge where you can do all of the above or just chill out and socialise with other enthusiasts. Oh, and your cuppa is on us, the whole day!
  4. Hire or get hired. Use the Job Board at WordCamp Pune to find your perfect employee or employer as the case maybe.
  5. Chat with our sponsors. Our sponsors are going to have stalls/tables or at least representatives who are only there so they can reach out to you. Do us a favour by reaching out to them, instead. You’d be helping the cause of all future WordCamps in India.
  6. Become an instant volunteer. See if we, the organisers or volunteers need any help. Your good deed will be really appreciated.

So, let’s meet at WordCamp Pune 2015 to learn and have fun, irrespective of the language we speak or don’t speak!