Hindi and Marathi at WordCamp Pune 2015

We’re not going into the elitism involved with English vs other languages phenomenon that’s become a standard. English is the formal language of work, education, conferences (like WordCamps), etc. Hindi/Marathi are casual languages used for entertainment, conversation, banter and “ordinary” activities.

We wish to try and change that.

“Which Indian language will grow the most?”

Jimmy Wales, co-founder, WikiPedia

  1. We’re making WordCamp Pune more fun and interactive so that all of us can use Hindi/Marathi more comfortably in a more informal setting.
  2. In the opposite direction, we’re introducing Marathi and Hindi into the “formal” activities like learning about WordPress.
  3. While doing that we don’t want to indulge the Hindi/Marathi shared elitism of using shuddha(pure) Sanskritised words for everything. Hinglish, Marathi Hinglish are very practical and useful concoctions. Let’s use them instead.

Even though more people speak Hindi and/or Marathi comfortably than those who speak English, we aren’t blind jingoists. English remains the default and dominant language of WordCamp Pune 2015. We say “more” Hindi/Marathi not “all”. We are also part of an awesome international community and English is our best friend there! 🙂

Now, if you know a couple of friends (as I do) who have great knowledge and skill but shy away from English and a large crowd, ask them to apply. They can speak in Hindi/Marathi to a more intimate audience and take some community love and good karma home!