6th September, Modern College of Arts, Science and Commerce

I’m absolutely stoked to announce that Modern College of Arts, Science and Commerce is going to host WordCamp Pune 2015, as well. So, on the 6th of September, head towards the heart of Pune and we’ll camp like no one’s camped before!

By the way, 6th is also the date for Dahi Handi, so you are in for some visual treats as well.

8 thoughts on “6th September, Modern College of Arts, Science and Commerce”

    1. Hey Akhil,

      Yes there is an entry fee. However, the tickets are usually nominally priced and also include food and refreshments. For eg, the tickets at WordCamp Mumbai held earlier this year were priced at Rs 500.

      We will announce the cost and the tickets when the time comes. So you should subscribe using the sidebar for updates as soon as they are announced.

    1. By sponsoring us ;). Actually, the tickets haven’t gone on sale yet. We just opened the speaker applications so there’s some time till we start selling tickets. We’ll update everyone as soon as that happens. Why don’t you subscribe to our updates. Use any/all of the options at the bottom of the sidebar on the left!

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